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Aboutme.SubinEco: United Kingdom Must have a New Economic Model To Compete

Aboutme.SubinEco: United Kingdom Must have a New Economic Model To Compete

After the Brexit, United Kingdom is compelled to change its FINANCE model due to repercussions from European Union. For this United Kingdom must have a different recipe to deal with Europe. Now United Kingdom CREDIT DEBT FINANCE must link with India, China, United States of America, Middleast and African countries. Lets Leave Europe aside. Pulling out of European Union had already shown the devastating effect, nothing more is there. Continue reading “Aboutme.SubinEco: United Kingdom Must have a New Economic Model To Compete”


Aboutme.SubinTech – Stop Facebook Free Basics & Limited Access Policy

Stop Facebook Free Basics & Limited Access Policy:

Earlier this month, India’s telecom regulator TRAI released a consultation paper about zero-rating — a telecom industry jargon that stands for data that is subsidised for a user by an operator or a content maker. Who uses zero-rating? Free Basics, Facebook’s controversial programme to connect a billion Indians to the internet.

Free Basics is a Facebook app that gives users selective access to services like Facebook, communication, healthcare, education, job listings and farming information — all without data charges.

TRAI had invited comments from stakeholders — which includes users and mobile operators — on the issue, the deadline for which is today, December 30. Understandably, Facebook is rattled. The world’s largest social network has pulled out all stops and is spending millions of dollars on full-page newspaper ads, hoardings and an SMS campaign. Facebook vice presidents are also taking to Twitter and Reddit to directly engage with net neutrality activists leading up to the deadline.

Aboutme.SubinPolitics – Demuxs Internationale Planning To Present Sir Abdul Kalam A Good Library

Demuxs Internationale Planning To Present Sir Abdul Kalam A Good Library:

We’re planning to build a New Library In the name of our Hon. President Abdul Kalam, A renowned Scientist and Maker of Modern Indian Defence. We salute him and you can send any book/s, present him with a paltry amount of Rs. 100 as donation, Any scientific photos/album which we can pass to next generation. All work will be planned to start by December 2016. We salute this man for making India a powerful country. Library will be in two forms: physical and digital. We will be touring to collect all this from you. We will be forming a company and start delivering it. Whatever you want to send for the library, we’ll be receiving with both hands. Your name will be inscribed or pasted on it. Everyone can be a member of the prestigious Foundation. Later, if everything goes well, we will be creating a “Science Research Centre”. Thanking you for all favour.

you can send all the books and manuscripts and even DD/Cheque to the following address. All the work will be audited in name of  ” President Abdul Kalam Foundation”:

Demuxs Internationale;

644; shagun vihar apartment;

gupteshwar; jabalpur

pin 482001;


Every one can become the member of this Foundation by working from your area/arena.

Aboutme.SubinEntertainment – Lets Ban Balaji Film Production & Ekta Kapoor

Let’s Ban Balaji Film Production & Ekta Kapoor:

Though I am aware of the backlash this article might receive from the ‘modern’ reader, I won’t hold myself from writing it. So this is what happened the other day while I was exploring YouTube and looking for upcoming movies in 2016 -the trailer of Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 showed up as a suggestion. I didn’t quite realize how uncomfortable this trailer might make me till my little nephew joined me and his curious questions compelled me to shut down my laptop.

Source: Screen Grab

Seriously Ekta Kapoor, this is the best you could do to make your mark in movies? I would have been impressed had you come out in the open and produced a full-on porn instead of taking the safe midway and producing this soft porn in the guise of a comedy. Allow me to be honest enough and say that there is just so much hope of your brother’s career to stand strong even if he stands naked in front of the camera. You could have rather spared your family this horrendous embarrassment. The equally sub-standard dialogues and lyrics of the Kya Kool Hain Hum series are just exposing the pervert of a frustrated, sex-obsessed yet sex-deprived mind, you may call that talent if you want to, I, however, beg to differ.

But it is not just this one movie series which is overboard with sexuality to sell its tickets. Nudity has become the trend and need of the hour in the entertainment business. And to mirror this trend, nudity is fighting hard to make a strong presence felt in the real world as well. Call me old school, but I just can’t wrap my head around the entire concept of #freethenipple. The caveman graduated to civilization to bring a furtherance to its existence. One such advancement was to cover ones private body parts, and today we are revolting against this social norm to get our rights straight. Is it a fight for gender equality, or is it a fight of a handful of women to claim the right to walk around naked? The labor women building a skyscraper with a child wrapped around her waist, yet being paid lesser than the male counterpart, the girl in some remote village who is not allowed to study and is forced into a marriage she never wanted, some equally meritorious woman who is not allowed to make an identity for herself, the wife whose husband wants to abandon her because she has just given birth to the third female-child, the sister from a small town whose brothers have denied her a share in the family property provide us with graver situations calling out for gender equality, the nipple can wait to see the sunlight though.

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Aboutme.SubinHouseHold – How To Make A Good Egg Curry

How To Make A Good Egg Curry:

Eating a good Egg Curry in winter is good as it will keep your body warm. For 1 member think that we’re using 2 eggs per person, you can count on any number of members.

I’m just using 4 eggs as an example for 2 members. Boil 4 eggs in a tumbler for about 10 minutes. When you boil, please close the tumbler with a cover so that boiling will be faster and we use less cooking gas too. “Save Energy”.

Meanwhile take 2 onion, a piece of ginger, 2 green chilly, 4 pieces of garlic and cut it to pieces. After cutting put it in a mixer and make a paste of it.

Then marinate it by putting it in a cooking pan and do it till you make it golden brown. You have to do it in a low flame otherwise it will not marinate faster. Meanwhile, off the boiling egg and after sometime peel the cover of it.

After marinating till it seems like golden brown, add salt to it. Then add turmeric powder about 3/4th of a spoon, Chilli powder 3/4 of the spoon and coriander powder 1/2 of the spoon and start mixing it for about 5 minutes. After that add some water means how much curry are you looking for.

After you peel the eggs, make a small cross [which can’t be seen] with you knife on the egg so that the ingredients of curry gets in. Then put this egg inside the curry. Let the curry boil in a low flame.

Meanwhile pour the curry on the egg with a spoon till you finish it. The ingredient will enter the egg and make it more tasty. When the curry started boiling for at least 10 minutes, you can stop. Keep pouring the curry on the egg now and then for at least 10 times.

Then say how is your egg curry? Try it at home and reply at Thanking you.

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Aboutme.SubinPolitics – 3 Men Tortured In Saudi Must Get Alimony

3 Men Tortured In Saudi Must Get Alimony:

Three men from Kerala, who were tortured by their Saudi employer, returned home Saturday following the intervention of the External Affairs Ministry. What paved the way for their return was a video clip of the torture which they sent home a week ago.

The three men from Alappuzha district were offered “technical jobs” in Saudi Arabia by a recruiter from Kerala, but they ended up in a brick manufacturing unit run by a Saudi national. Baiju Babu, 29, arrived in Saudi six weeks ago, while Abhilash Gopi, 21, and Vimal Kumar, 30, landed a month ago.

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Aboutme.SubinHouseHold – How to Make A Good Tea In The Morning

How To Make A Good Tea In The Morning:

Making tea is an art. That’s the starting of the day. If morning goes well, everything is well and looking forward. So start with and like this.

Take Two Glass of water and 1 glass of milk mix and start boiling in sim condition [Low flame condition]. Put 2 teaspoon of sugar in it. Leave it for few minutes to mix it up. When it start to boil, add jaggery to it, see that limited amount is required as it will make your tea sweeten up. Leave it for few minutes.

After the next boil, add crushed ginger to it. make it boil for another few minutes. This you have to do in a low flame condition only. Otherwise it will rotten the whole thing. Look good things comes slowly. When it start boiling and the whole tea started to change colour, see it and stir it with a table spoon.

Leave it for few minutes. The tea started to redden itself. when it becomes slightly red, take it and filter it. All the raw material will be filtered out and serve in a glass or a cup. you can make 3 good glasses of tea with this. Try it and send me the feedback.