Aboutme.SubinEco: United Kingdom Must have a New Economic Model To Compete

Aboutme.SubinEco: United Kingdom Must have a New Economic Model To Compete

After the Brexit, United Kingdom is compelled to change its FINANCE model due to repercussions from European Union. For this United Kingdom must have a different recipe to deal with Europe. Now United Kingdom CREDIT DEBT FINANCE must link with India, China, United States of America, Middleast and African countries. Lets Leave Europe aside. Pulling out of European Union had already shown the devastating effect, nothing more is there. BREXIT: UK COULD CHANGE ECONOMIC MODEL IF SINGLE MARKET ACCESS DENIED [www.bbc.com].

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Customized FINANCE Model will be suiting now:-

Look the years ahead is hard and tardy for UK. Now first, UK must deal with Asia as all the Asian economies are ready to deal with them. Lets start with Indian Economy. UK exported about 6.35 Billion Pound of goods and 2.24 Billion of EQUITY FINANCE services to India. This includes mineral fuels and oil, gems and precious metals, electrical machinery with equipment and parts, reactors plus boilers with mechanical parts, organic chemicals, iron and steel, plastics, animal fats and vegetable fats, fertilizers, etc.

UK’s export to China must increase although Chinese Govt will be fighting to get more share than what UK want to get. Sell more Jaguar Cars and SPECIAL FINANCE AUTO in China compared to 2014. Apart from that, if you can do investments in China and India, you can easily catch up with the ASEAN market.

Ten countries together are called ASEAN Economies with a population of 600 million mouths to eat. Long term business opportunities and apart heavy FINANCE CREDIT investments in infrastructure will do good for UK economy. Climate change is the biggest factor they can work with ASEAN economies and China. They can also give more impetus for terrorism, extremism, disaster relief, cyber security, settling territorial disputes, etc.

AFRICA: UK has to work with Africa on dual model like FINANCE CREDIT Investment and Dual system of exports of raw materials from Africa and export to other countries after processing it. Apart from that, they must manufacture goods and improve services in African continent. This will improve Africa and will do both of them good. UK have to bear some pain for long term gain.

RUSSIA: There will be lot of challenges of doing business in Russia as European Union has tried to keep Russia at check with the help of USA and its Nato Allies. Europe the need gas and if UK can click on this deal, then it can export gas to Europe via any country. Leave Ukraine just for now, and concentrate more on Russia. Russia is rich in Oil and gas. Concentrate on that and do FINANCE business with them for life-long. This will make UK better than Europe.

USA, Canada and Mexico: UK can work on one trade treaty or can have different trade treaties with individual countries. NAFTA treaty must be revamped and new negotiations must be done with Canada and Mexico. It can include UK or can partner them in the new treaty. The total consumers will be 530 million and total trade will be US$ 1.8 Billion daily only with USA and Canada borders.

So, in short May and Phillip Hammond must work to have a flexible trade treaties which require, right now a standing, better than having a rigid trade treaties. These countries you can well depend on………

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