Aboutme.SubinPolitics – Demuxs Internationale Planning To Present Sir Abdul Kalam A Good Library

Demuxs Internationale Planning To Present Sir Abdul Kalam A Good Library:

We’re planning to build a New Library In the name of our Hon. President Abdul Kalam, A renowned Scientist and Maker of Modern Indian Defence. We salute him and you can send any book/s, present him with a paltry amount of Rs. 100 as donation, Any scientific photos/album which we can pass to next generation. All work will be planned to start by December 2016. We salute this man for making India a powerful country. Library will be in two forms: physical and digital. We will be touring to collect all this from you. We will be forming a company and start delivering it. Whatever you want to send for the library, we’ll be receiving with both hands. Your name will be inscribed or pasted on it. Everyone can be a member of the prestigious Foundation. Later, if everything goes well, we will be creating a “Science Research Centre”. Thanking you for all favour.

you can send all the books and manuscripts and even DD/Cheque to the following address. All the work will be audited in name of  ” President Abdul Kalam Foundation”:

Demuxs Internationale;

644; shagun vihar apartment;

gupteshwar; jabalpur

pin 482001;

gmail: greatsubin2012@gmail.com

Every one can become the member of this Foundation by working from your area/arena.


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