Aboutme.SubinEntertainment – Lets Ban Balaji Film Production & Ekta Kapoor

Let’s Ban Balaji Film Production & Ekta Kapoor:

Though I am aware of the backlash this article might receive from the ‘modern’ reader, I won’t hold myself from writing it. So this is what happened the other day while I was exploring YouTube and looking for upcoming movies in 2016 -the trailer of Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 showed up as a suggestion. I didn’t quite realize how uncomfortable this trailer might make me till my little nephew joined me and his curious questions compelled me to shut down my laptop.

Source: Screen Grab

Seriously Ekta Kapoor, this is the best you could do to make your mark in movies? I would have been impressed had you come out in the open and produced a full-on porn instead of taking the safe midway and producing this soft porn in the guise of a comedy. Allow me to be honest enough and say that there is just so much hope of your brother’s career to stand strong even if he stands naked in front of the camera. You could have rather spared your family this horrendous embarrassment. The equally sub-standard dialogues and lyrics of the Kya Kool Hain Hum series are just exposing the pervert of a frustrated, sex-obsessed yet sex-deprived mind, you may call that talent if you want to, I, however, beg to differ.

But it is not just this one movie series which is overboard with sexuality to sell its tickets. Nudity has become the trend and need of the hour in the entertainment business. And to mirror this trend, nudity is fighting hard to make a strong presence felt in the real world as well. Call me old school, but I just can’t wrap my head around the entire concept of #freethenipple. The caveman graduated to civilization to bring a furtherance to its existence. One such advancement was to cover ones private body parts, and today we are revolting against this social norm to get our rights straight. Is it a fight for gender equality, or is it a fight of a handful of women to claim the right to walk around naked? The labor women building a skyscraper with a child wrapped around her waist, yet being paid lesser than the male counterpart, the girl in some remote village who is not allowed to study and is forced into a marriage she never wanted, some equally meritorious woman who is not allowed to make an identity for herself, the wife whose husband wants to abandon her because she has just given birth to the third female-child, the sister from a small town whose brothers have denied her a share in the family property provide us with graver situations calling out for gender equality, the nipple can wait to see the sunlight though.

For further reading, please click here http://profsubin.blogspot.com/2015/12/aboutmesubinentertainment-lets-ban.html


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