Aboutme.SubinHouseHold – How to Make A Good Tea In The Morning

How To Make A Good Tea In The Morning:

Making tea is an art. That’s the starting of the day. If morning goes well, everything is well and looking forward. So start with and like this.

Take Two Glass of water and 1 glass of milk mix and start boiling in sim condition [Low flame condition]. Put 2 teaspoon of sugar in it. Leave it for few minutes to mix it up. When it start to boil, add jaggery to it, see that limited amount is required as it will make your tea sweeten up. Leave it for few minutes.

After the next boil, add crushed ginger to it. make it boil for another few minutes. This you have to do in a low flame condition only. Otherwise it will rotten the whole thing. Look good things comes slowly. When it start boiling and the whole tea started to change colour, see it and stir it with a table spoon.

Leave it for few minutes. The tea started to redden itself. when it becomes slightly red, take it and filter it. All the raw material will be filtered out and serve in a glass or a cup. you can make 3 good glasses of tea with this. Try it and send me the feedback.



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