Aboutme.SubinPolitics – Why Jayalalitha Want to Release Rajiv Gandhi Killers?

Life Imprisonment is imprisonment for the whole life.

Why Jayalalitha is playing a wide game for helping the culprit, better than rule the state in the best way. India does’nt belong to tamils alone. Those who’ve done wrong must be punished. At least for God sake they’re living.If it’s in other countries, they must have hanged, shot to be dead or any other inhumane ways. Due to Indian Government, they’re living. Live wherever you’re, that’s better………………..

Sonia Gandhi appealed for clemency to change from death sentence to life imprisonment. She had given from her personal point of view. That too is wrong from the state point of view.

Tamil Tiger has expressed regret over the killing, but that is too late, we’ve lost a wonderful and visionary leader.


For more details, please click here http://myfinprocharityblog.blogspot.com/2015/12/aboutmesubinpolitics-why-jayalalitha.html


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