Aboutme.SubinHealth – Beware Of Jabalpur Gynaecologist & Oncologist [Cancer Doctor’s]

My friends Wife is having a stomach pain, so i told them to meet the best doctor ie., Dean of Medical College, Jabalpur. She took sonography and told that my friend’s wife is having a cyst in the left ovary. She recommended to test the blood samples for CA 125 and CA 19-9 [whether the cyst is having cancer or not]. They send the sample through SRL laboratories and it was negative . The cost for Blood samples is Rs. 2900/-. The cost of doctor is not included.

Meanwhile, they went to get the second opinion to a doctor who’s is also past Medical College Professor [Name not disclosed] and she recommended to do Blood, Sugar test. That also was negative. She recommended to do Sonography from a reputed doctor because she’s not having one. We did it with Dr. Khare Sonography and found the cyst on the upside of the ovary [While doing, my friend saw a bulging and somewhere blood seen in the uterus.]. He recommended CA 125, which they’ve done earlier and kept. Doctor recommended to control the diet, sugar, do exercise and loose weight as much as they can. She also recommended to do Sonography every 6 months and see whether the cyst is growing. Some medication done and stomach pain is in control. No operation but control the body weight.

Then they went to see a doctor in Shalby hospital. She’s an Gynae-Oncologist. After looking at all the things which Ex-Professor of Medical College has said, she recommended to do open surgery first by removing the uterus, second, if they’ve seen anything in the ovary, that also and third is in the right one, then remove it. After that all the samples will be send for testing whether it’s infected with cancer or not. After that, they will be leaving the patient. For this the cost of operation is Rs. 55,000 approx. She’s right on her part.

I met one senior doctor and told him about the case. He’s a very gentle doctor and he recommended to meet one famous Gynaecologist, a senior doctor of City Hospital. That day Doctor was on leave and will be in clinic, the coming day only.

For further reading, please click here http://makewomenslimandthin.blogspot.com/2015/11/aboutmesubinhealth-beware-of-jabalpur.html


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