“Nestle Corporate” India is a very good company with strong background and in-depth Marketing strategy. The Maggi crisis is already over, whether it will come or not? Yet don’t know. For time-being they have already pulled all Maggi packets from the Indian Shopping shelves due to excessive lead ingredients.

nestle 2

“Nestle Corporate” Share Market are trading below the line and will soon pick-up by bringing in new products, new strategy or both. The company must not rely on Maggi anymore, but must bring in new product to keep the Market Share safe and pump in more Revenue.

Nestle will be having to suffer a slight more percentage of losses in Indian Financial Market, but this company will be growing back Globally. Only thing the Investor requires is patience and wait for another 6 months. Its fundamental’s are good and sound.

nestle 1

 Buy “Nestle Corporate” shares and we can see it can even go down to more than 10%, but will provide you Rs.7500/share in the coming 6 month period. Wait and watch, this is only prediction; maybe it will be taking near to 1 year. But surely it will come up providing a profit of Rs. 1500 – Rs. 2000 in the month to come. 


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