“Obesity Women”, now we’ve finished 10 days of good Fitness training. I think almost 2 – 3 kilogram of fat has been reduced. Diet remains the same. Eat heavy Breakfast, Have good Lunch and Fruits plus juice for Dinner. This will not only keep you fit but also provide you vital Energy to work and enjoy your life.

“Obesity Women”, this week we will be changing some FitnessExercise pattern. Please do 5 minutes of warm-up exercise like bending, catching your feet from behind, waving your arms etc. Start your stop watch and try to walk 100 meters at a slow pace and another 100 meters at a better pace. Relax for 50 meters but keep on walking. Don’t sit down.

Now, you’ve to try doing 200 meters of Sports Fitness at brisk pace. Keep your mouth shut and do breathing with your nose only. After finishing this please sit down and rest for at least 15 minutes. Do deep breathing at this time by taking in oxygen heavily and leaving out at once. After interval, please do 150 meters of Health Fitness brisk walking. This time you take rest for another 10 minutes.

Relax well, if you feel any pain, stop here and do some push-ups and abdomen. If not, Brisk walk for at least 100 meters. Relax for at least 5 minutes and do the same of 100 meters fast. Sit down and relax for another 15 minutes.

Now, do Fitness Gym abdomen exercise 15 times i.e., 1 set = 15 abdomen [sit-ups]. Relax for 10 minutes. Do at least 10 squats and 15 push-ups today. Relax for another 10 minutes. Go home, have breakfast of bread, egg and milk. Thank you “Obesity Women”.


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