Weight Loss

Weight loss is the common topic which is being discussing these days. First let me tell you, how this topic had become prominent. The best thing is that, if you look back, we were having a good diet schedule. Second thing, we are always on running, walking and even on galloping mode. Third, we sit less. Fourth, our diets consists of veggies and fruits.

Now, Its vice-versa. we’re on junk diet consisting of cokes, pepsi,  burgers, pizza’s etc. Second, we’re always on computer and housewives always tuned to TV program’s. Third, all can afford a car, bike or more, but created less walking and no running. Fourth, veggies and fruits became phenomenal.

Now we’ve start something new. Have a heavy breakfast. Lunch must  be better. Dinner must be very slim like juice, fruits and 2 loaves of bread. Half of the work is done……………..




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